I only showered 37 times in 2022 and I don't smell

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A sex worker and top-earner on claimed on she only had 37 showers in the whole of 2022. 
Aella, from , reflected on the last 12 months on Twitter but the information which stuck out to people was how infrequently she washed. 
Replying to a commenter who questioned her hygiene routine, Aella said she tries 'not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much'.
The 27-year-old claims she does not 'stink' because of a 'microbiome' balance, which is a collection of bacteria and fungi which live on the body. 
Aella (pictured), from Idaho, United States, reflected on the last 12 months on social media but the information which stuck out at people was how infrequently she washed.

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In a Twitter thread, 식품위생교육 she wrote:  'If any random person who shampoos daily, stops shampooing, their hair will be horrible and greasy.
But if you are persistent and careful, your body adju
r>p>'But this isn't perfect, and different ppl have different kinds of bodies, with different activities and sweat levels. I *do* still do maintenance to handle getting stinky in between show
r>p>'I am careful not to use soap on my armpits, because that seems to increase the smell; I usually scrub hard with a wet washcloth, and then put on deodorant, and this works great.

I also use a bidet, and wash my genitals oft
r>p>She added she does not use body moisturiser because she lives in a humid area, which helps keep her skin feeling fres
r>p> The 27-year-old claims she does not 'stink' because of a 'microbiome' balance, which are a collection of bacteria and fungi which live on the
r>p>Twitter users were split in their response of Aella's post, with some supportive while many others were concerne
r>p>One person said: 'Is it not possible you've just gone nose-bli
r>p>A second added: 식품위생교육 'Our nervous system has evolved to become progressively less sensitive to a stimulus, the longer it persists.

You smell, girl. You just can't smell yo

One user agreed with Aella saying: 'I don't shower often either and agree. Plus ever since I started washing my hair infrequently, texture and volume have significantly i

Another added:  'I showered maybe ten times in 2022 and don't stink.

Obviously I change into clean clothes and wash my hands/face more often but showering daily is completely unnecessary and makes you smell

'Ignore the haters on this. Notice how they're all focused on 'smell'. So what, even if you did smell.
Nothing bad happens. As long as you keep your hands and asshole

Some scientists have said even though it may be acceptable for social reasons it is not vital to shower ever

Consultant Derrick Phillips  told HealthLine:  'Washing once a day is adequate for most children and adults to maintain a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene and cleanliness,'

'The skin is self-cleaning and naturally exfoliates,' he says.

'Scrubbing helps to remove physical dirt and reinforce the perception of cleanliness, but isn't nec

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